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What a milestone! Today, the Isograph team is thrilled to announce the release of Isograph 0.1.0. Isograph is ready for use on certain projects and internal tools, and though feature incomplete, provides a great developer experience!

And on top of that, we're releasing this brand new documentation website!

So go on! Take it for a spin. Everything you need to give Isograph a try is in the quickstart guide.

Robert Balicki

Please check out this Substack article announcing Isograph! This article covers the intended developer experience of Isograph, and future features, such as:

  • magic mutation fields (though not called such in the article),
  • deferred resolvers,
  • entrypoints, and
  • injected analytics code.

It also makes the case that Isograph will be well-suited for apps that prioritize correctness, because:

  • type of every field is very informative (e.g. the type of a field might indicate whether the field was unfetched, errored, null or present), and
  • precise control over how to handle each state (e.g. to suspend when reading the resolver if the field is unfetched).

Thank you!