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The Isograph configuration object


If anything in this document is inaccurate, please consult the source of truth: the code in GitHub. Make sure to change main in the URL to the specific commit that you actually installed.

Config file location and name

The file should be named isograph.config.json and located at the root of your project.

Config file contents

An example (complete) Isograph config is as follows:

"project_root": "./src/components",
"artifact_directory": "./src",
"schema": "./backend/schema.graphql",
"schema_extensions": ["./backend/schema-extension.graphql"],
"options": {
"on_invalid_id_type": "error"
  • All paths are relative.
  • schema and schema_extensions take relative paths to files, not to folders.
  • Only project_root and schema are required.
  • Valid values for on_invalid_id_type are ignore, warning and error.
  • artifact_directory defaults to project_root.