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Development workflow

The workflow for developers is as follows:

  • Run the compiler in watch mode via yarn iso --watch --config ./isograph.config.json
  • Whenever a file containing an iso literal changes, or the schema changes, or a schema extension changes, the Isograph compiler will re-compile your code.
  • The compiler will write a bunch of files to the artifact_directory folder, which are used by the Isograph runtime.


  • The Isograph compiler panics sometimes. You'll need to fix the issue and restart the compiler in these cases.
  • next doesn't like certain things, perhaps related to @component, so you will sometimes receive a warning overlay with hot module reloading. You can refresh the page to fix this.


  • You can use React dev tools. In particular, searching for @component will show you where all of your resolvers defined with @component are rendered.
  • Isograph also logs a bunch of stuff to the console if you set window.__LOG = true.