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Development workflow

Useful commands to run in the Isograph repository

Build the compiler in watch mode

pnpm watch-rs

Build the Isograph JavaScript libraries for use in demos

pnpm -r compile

This will also typecheck the libs folder.

Install dependencies, including for the demos

pnpm -r compile

Run unit tests in the libs folder

pnpm -r test

Format the code

pnpm format

Run the demo

cd demos/pet-demo
pnpm dev

Use the Isograph compiler to generate artifacts for a given demo

pnpm build-demos

See package.json for more.

How to use a local build of the Isograph compiler for a local build

Run pnpm watch-rs and pass a relative path to the isograph_cli binary:


How to use a local build of Isograph libraries

Demos are intended for that.

TODO include instructions on how to do this for external libraries.

How to release a new version of Isograph to npm

  • In all package.json files, bump the version number. Don't forget to bump the version number of imports.
  • git add . && git commit -m 'v0.1.0' && git tag v0.1.0 && git push
  • See this commit releasing 0.1.1